Roxa (IKV Brethenga)

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Roxa (IKV Brethenga)

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Roxa R Menina Purplevalian Purple Female Engineer (Purple)
An Exchange Officer from the Purpletopian Defense Force. She is skilled but naive

Roxa is from the relatively new planet Purplevale

Roxa is a talented engineer and enjoys the methods of "Try stuff and see if it works" on the IKV Brethenga. She is a warp core engineer and Plasma Power transfer System expert. But she'll take a shot at anything. Her skills and talents usually see her through.

Roxa is a brand new enlistee to the Brethenga. She actually doesn't realize what Space Pirates they are. If she had known, she would have burst into tears, quit and maybe sabotaged the ship.

Although she's not entirely comfortable with Jay Six taking over the Brethenga, She likes Li'ira and will do her best to make sure everything works properly.
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