Teifa (IKV Brethenga)

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Teifa (IKV Brethenga)

Post by jayphailey » Sat Jul 13, 2019 12:16 am

Teifa: Gold Orion Male [Tac, Purple]: Teifa was a soldier and then a leg breaker. He mainly works for Magnar to have a valid outlet for his violent tendencies.

Teifa was a thug and hitman for a crime lord. He was building a reputation when things got out of hand. The Crime Boss Teifa was working with angered the wrong rival and a gang war erupted. Teifa's side lost. Teifa knew he had to Get the Fuck out of Dodge (tm)

So he signed up as a mercenary starship crew and left the gang war far behind.

Teifa is a gunsel and purveyor of violence. he's good at it. His space skills are adequate. Teifa is a psychopath. He likes his friends but could kill anyone else without raising his pulse rate or respiration. he really enjoys shooting people and the war has put him in a position to do this in a socially acceptable fashion. Teifa is pretty sure he's going to die doing this at some point and doesn't think about it too much.

Oddly, Teifa is completely willing to be loyal to Li'ira ifs she's willing to accept him on his own terms. He just gives no fucks, as long as he gets to shoot people.

On personal time he dresses very well. He likes being a fashion plate. His ship suit is purple and he wears a black tactical vest.

He is an expert in quick draw and rapid shooting, He is an excellent marksman and sniper. He is a better CQB combatant than he looks like.

He is an expert in fashion and various consumable products.

But he doesn't know lots about the galaxy at large. He simply doesn't care.
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