Noseg (IKV Brethenga)

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Noseg (IKV Brethenga)

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Noseg: Green Orion Male [Tac Blue]: Noseg is a former Pirate. His experience in making energy weapons work very well is difficult to transfer to the Private Sector.

World, STO, then Trek

Ship: IKV Brethenga

Noseg was a Space Pirate. He made a decent score and retired, but found his talents for running his own small business weren't that great. When the war came, Noseg signed up as a mercenary starship crewman.

He has found a place on the IKV Brethenga. He is an expert at maintaining, upgrading and operating Starship energy weapons. When captured Borg, Voth and Iconian technology allowed insane increases in weapons power, Noseg was right on the cutting edge. In the chaos of the war no one, not even Noseg realizes that his knowledge and skills could have strategic importance. he sees himself as a heavy weapons tech, that's all, stacking up GPL so he can retire again and maybe correct his previous mistakes.

Noseg is not at all loyal to Li'ira. He thinks she's a brainwashed idiot and that The Federation and Starfleet would never have a green commander unless Starfleet was using them. The fact that Task Force Taffy Six has TWO GOW ship commanders has not really penetrated his attitude.
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