Nulle (IKV Brethenga)

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Nulle (IKV Brethenga)

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Nulle: Gold Orion Male [Engineer, Blue]: Nulle is an Orion Engineer. He likes machines, Fist fighting, and Klingon ale.

World STO, then Trek

Nulle is the chief engineer for the shuttles on the IKV Brethenga. he and his people are experts at making marginal machines work, repair with insufficient and strange parts and stripping, looting and thieving from defeated opponents, ruins and poorly guarded starbases.

They are also a node in a sort of floating starship black market bartering stuff they have for stuff they want (Think Klinger or Radar as Space Pirates)

Nulle cares for his people and his ship, mostly. Outside them he is amoral,

Nulle is not at all Loyal to Li'ira. He's a Space Pirate at heart, and knows serving under straight and narrow Starfleet Officer Li'ira is not going to end well. So he's looking for an excuse to leave and return to the world of sketchy space mercenaries and privateers.
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