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Re: Raphael & Ahern

Post by Innkeeper » Fri Dec 27, 2019 2:06 am

jayphailey wrote:
Tue Dec 24, 2019 3:41 am
Roxa: "Hmmm. Obviously I didn't pay enough attention in biology class. So, how did you change from a four footed person to a two footed person?"
Ahern: "Sorcery! Magic, the same gave me hands and a better command of Human language. Oh and the full set of teeth."

Roxa looks at Coran with a highly improbable set of mental images crashing through her brain. (A Purple half centaur?)
Coran: fatherly amusement thought in her head. **It might be fun to try.**

Roxa: (Blink blink) "I'd love to visit your world and see the different types of people.'

Raphael: "It would be nice to arrange it. But I don't know how."

Ahern: "She said her name is Long, and she is an interdimensional trader."

Raphael: "Like the Antons. I can ask."

He walks over, hooved legs and tail. "Ms Long, If I might. How much would you change to scan Ms Roxa and myself and give me the addresses."

LL: "A strange request. But addresses are local."

Rapheal: "Not when you know a planemaster god."

LL: "True that. 2 gold."

Rapheal: "Eyrian crowns?"

LL: "Yes that will do nicely."

Ms long for the two coins indicated scans Rioxa, and Raphael, and hands him a complicated looking formula.

Rapheal: "I can't promise anything. But with this I can hopefully find you."

Roxa: "We've encountered a few cases like that. Less than fun."
Ahern: "Yes, war and rumor of war."
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