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Tovan Khev

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:45 am
by jayphailey

Tovan Khev grew up with T'aesla on Virinat. he was in the scouts/militia, also in the tactical program.

With Taesla, he escaped and they formed the nucleus of a crew

Tovan Khev is Ride or Die with T'aesla. Its pretty obviouus to everyone except T'easla and Tovan that they are into each other.

On his own he is a very competent tactical officer and shooter. He is willing to try to fix anything, and is good at making do with what they have. He finds serving with the Romulan Republic and the Grand Alliance to be Luxurious because they have a budget and materiel.

T'aeslas crew rescue Tovan Khevs sister from and Elachi Lab. Even Tovan isn't aware of how much he hates the Elachi over this. He will never give an Elachi an inch and has an itchy trigger finger where they're involved.

He is doing his best to be the best XO for T'aesla that he can be. he is torn between wanting to enact the Military Discipline of the Star Navy and respecting T'aesla's refusal to let go of their militia status.
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Drsss up Dolly

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:48 am
by jayphailey
Tovan wears a comfortable civilian wrap around shirt, red slacks and standard boots.

As he needs he throws bandoliers and web belts on.

because of the tight space of the USS Virinat, you have one set of clothing. You wash them in an instant, high tech fashion, usually on your way to bed. The modern materials will last essentially forever this way.

Tovan might keep his Green Odessey pattern jacket, but he's definitely resuming the red slacks when they're back on the Virinat.