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T'aesla of Virinat

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:24 am
by jayphailey
T'aesla of Virinat
Female Romulan

She grew up in backwater ag colony. The young people had to serve in something like a mix of Militia and Scouts. T'aesla specialized in security and tactical matters.

Her colony was attacked and overrun by the Elachi, a client race of the STO-Iconians, sold out by Emperess Sela in a power play.

T'aesla and a small band of suvivors escaped in a decrepit Warbird with an ancient Romulan who'd been a Lieutenant in the Star Navy way back in the day. As they traveled he taught them how to be a space crew in the old school ways.

T'aesla became a partisan and ally of the new Romulan Republic, allied with the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

She and her crew tripped from one insane plot to the next galactic crises, always coming out ahead, sometimes by the skin of their teeth,

T'aesla is an experience ship commander and handler now. She and her crew are considered heroes of the Republic. T'aesla sees herself as a scruffy colonial girl and her scruffy crew, just pitching in around the edges.

Usually T'aesla and her crew dress in civilian garb, eschewing uniforms and signage of the Republic Space Navy, even though the Republic says they're entitled.

T'aesla and her crew were shuffled onto a Federation ship and sent on a tour escorting the USS Yellow Submarine to get them away from Tal Shiar plots to assassinate them.

And now they're in it deep.

T'aesla enjoys the role of escorting the Yellow Submarine. She can foist off most of the big questions to Jay Six. She takes her responsibilities to her crew and defending civilians very seriously. Its a lot of pressure for young woman, but she's grown into it. She doesn't realize how much.
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Re: T'aesla of Virinat

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:26 am
by jayphailey
Ugh! Old Pics! I have a much better video card now!

Re: T'aesla of Virinat

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:36 am
by jayphailey
Dress up Dolly

T'aesla wears this sleevless green vest, tight red pants and tall boots. She adds a web belt with grenades and useful things in pouches.

She has a scanner/communicator on her left wrist.

There is an old piece of popular media among the Romulans where adventurous Romulan did adventurous things. One joke of this show was that people in red pants tended to b expendable, and die alot like our red shirts.

So as a sort of joke and an expression of defiance, Taesla's crew took up wearing red pants. Its a custom on their ship.

When meeting Admiral Taraban, T'aesla and Tovan Khev were wearing uniforms in the Odessey pattern, with a dark green lower and lighter green shoulder, and Romulan style Comm badge and rank markings.

This is because their ship is small and has tight spaces (It's about 2/3rds the size of a Defiant) No one brought their Romulan Republic Star Navy uniforms. They had to hit the replicator on the Yellow Submarine to fake it.

The USS Virinat is equipped to dock with the Yellow Submarine and get towed around by them. In cruise mode the Virinat is docked to the YS and the crew acts as 50 extra YS crewmen.

As these characters appear in the Inn, they were ready to fight. This means full body armor. This high tech material allows someone to survive two or maybe three hits with energy weapons. Its a carefully engineered combination of materials arranged to absorb and carry away energy from energy weapons, but doing do damages or destroys the armor. better than the person inside.

As soon as T'aesla and Tovan Khev see that it's not a fire fight they begin taking the armor off. its heavier and more burdensome than clothing in a safe place.