This is DM privileged materiel, any player reading this has just been cursed to have dice that roll only "1s" for all time.

Abba Eecreeana; the real details

The god is a Phoenix He is the oldest specimen of his species, being over 72,000 years of age, or 720 cycles as the Phoenix express it.

Abba Eecreeana possess the following powers.
He can cast up to three spells a round, and any spell can be cast in one segment. He needs no components of any kind and can cast spells by will alone. He casts spells at 800th level.
He knows all spells from any class, and can make up a spell for any purpose in a matter of minutes.
He is 100% resistant to hostile magic. He cannot be harmed by spells or spell-like powers. He can dispel any magic effect he wishes to, even those of an artifact, the works of other gods can have a saving throw.
He can enchant items into permanent magic items at will. He can create any object or magic item, or non-sentiet life form at will.
He can strip the ability to use magic from any mortal being, no save, clerics are not included in this.
He is omnipresent. He can appear in as many places as he wishes with all of his powers.
He has the power of Divine Awe, any mortal viewing him will be struck speechless and immobile, unable to move until released by the god. Clerics over 12th level and other mortals over 18th level can save vs. spells -4 against this power.
He has the power to shapechange, he can assume any form at will. He will often mix in mortal society as an elderly eccentric human wizard, or a young elven healer.
He has True Sight at all times.
He will possess any magic items he requires at the time. He should have several artifacts suitable to the Dungeon Master's campaign.

       The ability scores and hit points of god are not really of issue, no mortal, or player character should ever be able to defeat a god unwilling to be defeated. I use the concept of Primal Power. That is the works and powers of gods are above the level of mortal magic in a manner that is impossible for mortals to over come. Under no circumstances should the PCs ever defeat the most powerful creatures in the universe.

       Abba Eecreeana is of the top rank of gods in my game. The so called Pantheon gods. That os the type of gods that would head a Pantheon of other gods, such as Zeus, Odin, or Amon Re.. One should not create more powerful beings, but those of equal power do exist.

But if you insist on having stats...

True from will have 4000 hit points and all ability scores are 40.
Avatars will have 400 hit points and all ability scores are 25.
All saving throws are 2, he acts first in any round. A +3 or better weapon is require to hit him, AC -12 His thrown immolation is 160d6.

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The Above is a work of fiction. All ethics and deities are fictional, any resemblance to ethics and deities living or dead is coincidental.

Copyright Garry Stahl: May 1997. All rights reserved, re-print only with permission.

A) The Primal Order Copyright 1992, 1995 Wizards of the Coast. By - Peter Adkison, et all.
       I highly recommend this book for an interesting and usable view of immortal powers in a roleplaying environment. While it was intended as a game in and of itself, it is an excellent source book for other games as well. If you can get a copy (It has been in and out of print since WofC discovered Trading card games) buy it at once. Tell them I sent you, mention I would like a commission.

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