Two Palaces created from my Thindacaulle Game. 
Woodmanor Palace
Eyrian Imperial Capitol Palace
Main Palace Block

Main Palace 1  Main Palace 2  Main Block 3

First Floor                             Second Floor                              Third Floor
Residence Blocks

West ResicencesEast Residences

West Residences                                                      East Residence

Second floorSecond Story
Imperial Family Block

Family Floor 1  Family Floor 2  Family Floor 3

First Floor         Second Floor       Third Floor

Duram Palace
Residence of Abba Eecreeana
Duram, JanordaWind Walker


Basement  First Floor

Basetment                      First Floor
Second Floor  Third Floor

Second Floor                     Third Floor
Attic 1  Attic 2

Attic 1                              Attic 2

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